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UPDATED - 'Stonehenge Alignments'

This booklet has been updated with 8 additional pages, more diagrams and discoveries, and a clearer step by step description of the approach to solving the mystery of why Stonehenge was built. Those who built it have left us with a remarkable legacy, which we can now recognise: It may be that they were the first to divide the circle into equal segments for measurement purposes. They did it some 1200 years before the Babylonians (Assyrians), who are normally given credit for this achievement.
Form follows function. We can now see that it functioned as a precision scientific instrument, to measure the angles of sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, and to measure angles outside these ranges, implying that the entire visible sky was mapped. The astronomers of Stonehenge divided the circle into 36 segments, and were many centuries in advance of the Babylonian astronomers in this regard.
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NEW BOOK - 'CANCER: Light Enhanced Chemotherapy'

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NEW BOOK - 'The Art of Harmonies'

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NEW BOOK - 'Consequences: Memoir of a Dowser'

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Stonehenge - A new theory!

From a careful study of Stonehenge, we can now see that it was primarily an astronomical observatory.
There is a remarkable elegance in its principle of operation, together with a breathtakingly well thought out implementation. I have a huge admiration for those who conceived and constructed Stonehenge. Details of what it was that they achieved are given in "Stonehenge Astronomical Observatory".

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The core information is also available in the booklet 'Stonehenge Alignments'.

Stonehenge Astronomical Observatory

Many ground-breaking discoveries are presented in "Stonehenge Astronomical Observatory".  You will not find this information in any other book at this time.  Good evidence has been found which demonstrates that Stonehenge was indeed an observatory.  The principle of operation is very simple, but the implementation is remarkably complex, which then permits the observation and mapping of the entire visible sky, not just of the sun and moon positions, but of the stars and planets also.

Writing this book has been a tremendous journey of discovery for me, and I do feel enormously privileged to have done it.  At times I have had an overwhelming sense of the close presence of the people of Stonehenge.  This can only come from an understanding and empathy with their lives and their experiences, which in many ways are very much our own experiences, but also in many ways are so different.  The journey of discovery has only just begun however, and there is so much more to see in the coming months and years.

My findings are presented in a logical way, and are very much grounded in careful observations.  I have re-interpreted a number of long-held assumptions, which I feel make a much more satisfying and logical account of the phases of construction of Stonehenge. This has led me to devise a new theory for its decline and destruction.  This theory may seem far-fetched at first, but there is a logical progression, and it accounts for the mysterious Y and Z holes, which have been a puzzle for so long.

It will be interesting to see how our collective understanding of the people of Stonehenge broadens and deepens in the future.  Nevertheless, I do have a strong sense that the people of Stonehenge are calling out to us across the millennia, a very wide gap that appears to divide us.  Their story is more than one of purely academic interest, and we must surely learn from their wisdom, and indeed their disasters, and so to apply that knowledge to the world of today.

Finally, I very much hope that you will enjoy reading this book, and will be stimulated and surprised by it.

Hugo Jenks

Here is a video which describes certain aspects of this new theory.  It can be viewed in full screen mode by clicking on the icon near the bottom right corner.

It is not possible to describe everything within a short video.  There is much additional information in the book!

Note that the video refers to an e-book with the title "The Bones of Stonehenge".  This has now been withdrawn, to be replaced with two printed books:

"Stonehenge Astronomical Observatory" is already available.

"Stonehenge Religion" will be available in due course.

Concorde Spaceplane
With many hundreds of hours of airframe life still available, Concorde is an interesting possibility for conversion to a Spaceplane.

A sub-orbital flight will not only be quicker than a conventional flight, but may be more fuel efficient too.

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