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There are interesting things buried in the ground! We can search for them using techniques such as magnetometry and resistivity surveying. This is particularly useful for the study of archaeological sites, and has the great advantage that it is non-destructive.

A soil resistivity measuring sensor, and a magnetometry sensor are currently being developed, and will be used with the GaiaGPS software application. The great advantage of this application, is that the survey is gridless. In other words, there are not large amounts of time spent setting up the grid. Furthermore, the survey is done by just one person, significantly reducing the costs of performing the survey.

Finally, there is another great advantage: The results are displayed in real time. This means that a fairly wide search pattern can be used initially. Then when an area of interest is discovered, the measurements can be made with a finer resolution. This maximises the value of time spent on site.

The equipment is currently in development. Watch this space!

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